Casual Me

About me is what's an about about. So first let's talk family. I'm a father of two a husband of one. So naturally most of my spare time is spend with them. Though there's always time for other things.

During winter season I like to ski. For someone that lives in the flattest and most mountainless place on earth, the Netherlands, I've been lucky to go on a skitrip for the last 20+ years or so. Austria is the favorite and recommended destination.

My other sport is playing tennis. Well... that's not entirely correct. Every now and then I play tennis with a couple of friends. Though... maybe, just maybe, that's not entirely correct either. I pay my contribution, got a slick outfit and own the proper gear. That's what it is. Call me a sponser.

Another thing I like, and doesn't require much movement, is beer. And by that I mean beer from a local brewery, not your avarage supermarket lager. With around 250 local breweries in the Netherlands alone there's alot to explore.

So besides all the real life, their is also that online life, that "social" life. I stopped using Facebook, that's over for me. Done. The only thing I'm a bit active with is Twitter. But Tweeting mostly about nonsense.

Professional Me

I'm foremost a developer. Always interested in new programming languages, techniques and methods. Not limited to single stack and most experienced in Java and .Net.

Currently most impressed by Kotlin and Docker and other container initiatives. Passionate and skilled about anything that has to do with concurrent programming.

Some snippets can be found on Github Languages of current interest: Kotlin, Groovy, Scala, Js

And, of course, I can be found on LinkedIn